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Sulfur Water Iron Water Treatment Filters  

The CE Series Air Sulfur filters are extremely effective in removing hydrogen sulfide, commonly associated with problem well water. This system uses a unique air-injection filtering technology to oxidize sulfur into precipitates (solids) that can be readily filtered and removed — the result is simply refreshingly good water from the tap, every time.


System Features:

Environmentally safe — no chemicals

• Solid-state microprocessor control

• Easy programming for optimum performance

• Patented “inch worm” technology prevents water hammer due to excessive air during regeneration

• Advanced history, diagnostic screens, and battery backup

• Optional ozone kit for additional bacteria control

• Low cost operation

Cape Coral Florida Sulfur Water In Well

An Advanced Control Head

The CE Series control head electronically meters

water consumption and automatically initiates

the regeneration cycle only when needed. The

“brains” of the CE Series adjust to your lifestyle

and changing water usage, minimizing system

salt and water consumption, while monitoring

and recording system performance, including:

• Days since last regeneration

• Gallons since last regeneration

• Reserve based on last 21 days of water usage

• Water flow rates

• Peak flow over last seven days

• Total days since start-up

• Total regenerations since start-up

• Total gallons used since start-up

• Program cycle times and sequence of cycles

This 5-button control head also features an

easy-to-read LCD display, convenient pushbutton

interface and a manual regeneration

mode. If the power fails, just reset the clock –

all settings and historical data will remain


Sulfur Water Filter Cape Coral Fl

Sulfur Water Filter Lehigh Acres

Sulfur Water Filter lehigh Acres
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