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Water Softener Systems

Service Installation,
Maintenance And Repair

Hard Water


Weather you have hard municipal water or extremely hard well water, CE Series Water Softener Filter, deliver the clear, soft water you want and need. Its easy-to-read LED screen and user-friendly console allows you to monitor all operating functions. It’s true — nothing will last longer than your first Impression of your new water system.


System Features:

• Solid-state microprocessor control

• Meter monitors and self-adjusts regeneration cycles  based on household trend of water use

• Easily programmed for optimum performance

• Extended lithium battery backup

• Flexible “adjustable cycle sequence” programming — saves salt and water

• Advanced history and diagnostic screens.

• built in water meter

water softener system Fort Myers Fl

Water Softener And Iron Filter San Carlos Park Fort Myers Florida

Water Softener and Iron Water Filter Fort Myers Florida
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