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About Your Florida Water 

In South West Florida the water problems are very unique to the rest of the country. We live in a tropical environment that grows bacteria like a wild fire and a water table that is never at the same depth and constantly changing. New Wells properly and not properly drilled, and even wells not properly abandoned and cap will change the quality of water out of well public or private.   





Natures pure Water is H2O, two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom.pure Water is a tasteless, odorless liquid with a natural ph of 7.0 with a Hardness of Zero. A 100% of this natural water comes from natural springs.


"In the last million years or so,the earth water has not changed at all. what has change in the last 150 years was the industrial revolution came and we now have massive wastewater treatment plant,
massive electrical plants,and massive coal burning plants. the coal burning plants use water to cool them down and electrical plants do the same.
Protecting the water is very important to all of us.   


Florida Water
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